Diginity For The Girl Child

The Graduate in ME

This is an annual campaign that is fighting teenage pregnancy and child marriage by keeping the girls in school.
The leader & Mentor in ME

This is a 6 months long mentorship program that links young people both in schools and out of school to mentors who support them on self-development.
The Menstrual Health Program

This program focuses on equipping young girls both in school and out of school with menstrual health knowledge and skills on making of reusable pads.
Dash for Girls is a youth led not for profit venture that seeks to create an enabling and sustainable environment that fully harnesses the potential of every young person especially the girl child in North Eastern Uganda.

The venture draws its existence from the team’s experiences, each growing up from various regions in Uganda, had a close up experience with some of their classmates, relatives and friends falling victims of teenage pregnancy and eventually dropping out of school.

The team has always had a passion for supporting the young people especially the girl child and have always wanted to create a place with activities and support services that would cater for their specific needs. It’s that passion that drove them towards this cause and created a platform for them to come together and work with the same goal. Today, having this opportunity to reach out to fellow young people is a long time achievement.
Why we do what we do?
What drives us to do what we do is the dream that there is so much potential in every young person but sometimes all they need is a more progressive environment to enable them live to their full potential.
How we do it?
We work with young people in schools and communities to explore the communal logical framework analysis to issues faced by young people ranging from teenage pregnancy, menstrual health to inadequate representation in decision making processes.
Why the young people?
We believe most of the solutions to these challenges are within the young people but we provide avenues to explore the available options and that’s why at the center of all our interventions is the community.
What do we want to see?
We envision a community that is self-driven to empower and support disadvantaged and marginalized girls in North Eastern Uganda.

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